COVID-19 Vaccination

COVID-19 Vaccination

Information for the IU community about COVID-19 vaccination requirements.

Masking: 从3月1日起,个人将不再被要求在校园室内佩戴口罩. While the face covering mandate has been removed, all Immaculata employees, students, 银河vip贵宾厅校园社区的成员保留在Immaculata校园继续戴口罩的选择. Until further notice, 这将是一个个人选择的问题,在每个设置除了个人办公室, 在哪些地方,教职员工可以要求任何人进入办公室时佩戴口罩. Students in clinical settings, internships, practicums, and student teaching may be required to wear a mask in those settings. For large event gatherings, masking is optional, 但美国疾病控制与预防中心表示,戴高质量的口罩可以很好地保护人们, even if others are not masking.

It is expected that all Immaculata community members, regardless of their masking choice, respect and support the decision of others.

Indoor facilities and Dining: Indoor spaces will return to full occupancy. Dining will resume full indoor operations and all students, faculty and staff are welcome to dine indoors. Plexiglass will remain in place in the dining hall as an additional precaution.

Testing and Quarantine: We will not conduct surveillance testing for vaccinated students or employees. Testing for community members with exemptions will not be required; however, if there is an outbreak on campus, 银河vip贵宾厅可能需要对未接种疫苗的社区成员进行必要的监测测试.

Vaccination Guidelines: COVID-19 vaccinations are required for all students and employees. 个人可以出于医疗原因或真诚的宗教信仰申请豁免. 如果疾病控制和预防中心(CDC)认为有必要,可能需要加强疫苗接种.





Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have had close contact with someone who is positive for COVID-19?


  • 与阳性病例密切接触但没有症状的学生,如果接种了全面疫苗,则不要求隔离,而是要求在接触后3-5天进行检测,并戴口罩并监测症状14天.
  • 未完全接种疫苗的学生(部分接种疫苗的学生和/或有批准的宗教或医疗设施的学生),与阳性病例有过密切接触,在最后一次接触后,根据卫生保健专业人员和卫生官员的指南确定,将被要求隔离至多14天, and should consult with their primary care provider.


Why is vaccination required?

在大学生中,COVID-19的感染率和传播率很高,这与年轻人的生活和社交方式有关. 感染会导致疾病,导致隔离和隔离,从而对心理健康产生不利影响. 疫苗接种为抵御许多新的和更危险的COVID-19形式(变体)提供了重要屏障. By requiring vaccination, we will sharply reduce the potential for outbreaks on campus, while allowing for a thriving campus atmosphere.

I am a student and do not take any classes on campus. Do I need to get vaccinated?

在校外上课的学生必须提交疫苗接种信息. 参加在线课程的学生如果目前没有接种疫苗,则不需要填写豁免弃权书. Even so, 银河vip贵宾厅强烈鼓励社区成员为了自己和周围人的健康和安全而接种疫苗.

What does it mean to be fully vaccinated?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, individuals are considered to be fully vaccinated.

  • 2剂系列疫苗(如辉瑞或Moderna疫苗)第二剂后2周.
  • 2 weeks after a single-dose, such as Johnson & Johnson/Janseen vaccine
  • If you do not meet these requirements, regardless of your age, 你没有完全接种疫苗,应该采取所有的安全预防措施,直到你完全接种疫苗.


Community members refusing to comply with the COVID-19 vaccination requirement?

未接种疫苗或未获得豁免的学生将不能上课. Immaculata University will not provide COVID-19 learning accommodations, 学生应该按照课程表中列出的方式上课.

COVID-19 Vaccines and Experiential Learning

申请医疗或宗教豁免会影响我完成临床治疗的能力吗, student teaching, internship or other experiential learning requirement?

If you are granted an exemption, you will be able to participate in classes and other activities on our campuses, as long you follow all other safety protocols.  However, 任何豁免大学的疫苗要求可能会影响你参加诊所的能力, student teaching, internships, etc.

Many hospitals and other clinical sites, 其他地区的雇主也已经宣布要求接种疫苗.  We have no control over the vaccine requirements of site locations.  不过银河vip贵宾厅会尽量把豁免的学生安排在不需要接种疫苗的地方, we cannot guarantee that this will be possible.

此外,最好的做法是在整个课程中让学生在不同的地点上课.  银河vip贵宾厅可能无法找到足够的不需要疫苗的地点来满足您的需求, 这会限制你完成学位要求的能力,并可能推迟你毕业的时间.

No. 除非大学必须根据病毒的传播或州或地方的要求转向完全远程学习, we will not offer virtual simulations.

What is the refund policy for students who need to drop a clinical course?
The University’s Refunds and Academic Credit Policy is located here. If you choose not to get vaccinated and cannot be placed in a clinical site, 你必须在规定的截止日期前放弃你的课程,否则你将承担学费, as outlined in our Refund and Academic Credit policy.


Protecting ourselves and our community.

学生中的疫情已被证明会导致周边社区的疫情, including deaths among vulnerable populations. COVID-19是银河vip贵宾厅一生中所见过的最大疾病威胁之一, 银河vip贵宾厅认为,要求接种COVID-19疫苗最符合银河vip贵宾厅校园社区的利益.

Is the COVID-19 vaccine mandatory for all Immaculata students and employees?

是的,所有无疵之家的学生和员工都必须完全接种疫苗 August 4, 2021. Exceptions will be made for medical or religious reasons.

Ongoing Updates

We will continue to promptly communicate any vaccine information. Additionally, if any changes in campus protocols are warranted, the campus community will be notified.


Vaccine Exemptions

Medical and religious exemptions will be considered. Request an exemption using an online form and submission process. Exemption requests can take up to 10 business days to review once received.

Additional Resources

Facts about COVID-19 Vaccines – CDC

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Contact Information

如果您对Immaculata的疫苗要求有其他问题或顾虑, please contact:

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